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October 25th, 2019 1 minute read

Color theory:

Goethe Farbenkreis zur Symbolisierung des menschlichen Geistes und Seelenlebens

Goethe color wheel

Online Color tools

Adobe color lets you test and save palettes.

PaletteGenerator will create a color palette based on the predominant colors in your image.

Color palette generator by Canva, picks a palette from any image that you upload yourself.



Colors by MRMRS

Coolors, a color schemes generator by Fabrizio Bianchi and colourlovers.


Color Hunt Color Palettes for Designers and Artists. Color Hunt is a free and open platform for color inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes

Hue Snap Create beautiful color palettes to share and inspire others.

Nippon Colors Colors traditionally used in Japanese art.

Material Design Color Tool Create, share, and apply color palettes to your UI, as well as measure the accessibility level of any color combination.

Paletton Paletton is an online application formerly called Color Schemes

COFFEE is the color, find out what real words are valid CSS HEX colors., similar to COFFEE: find leet words for your CSS hex colors.

Open color Open color is an open-source color scheme, optimized for UI like font, background, border, etc.

0to255 help with choosing colours

i want hue A tool to generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors. Color converter (RGB, HSL, Hex, keyword, Pantone or RAL) by Carlos Cabo. Especially useful if you work in print.

Color Hex Color Codes Color-hex provides with colors information, color models (RGB,HSL,HSV and CMYK), Triadic colors, monochromatic colors and analogous colors. also generates a simple css code for any selected color.


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