Syntax highlighting with Rouge

June 18th, 2019 less than 1 minute read

Jekyll ships with Rouge so if you write:

rougify help style

you get:

usage: rougify style [<theme-name>] [<options>]

Print CSS styles for the given theme.  Extra options are
passed to the theme. To select a mode (light/dark) for the
theme, append '.light' or '.dark' to the <theme-name>
respectively. Theme defaults to thankful_eyes.

  --scope	(default: .highlight) a css selector to scope by

available themes:
  base16, base16.dark, base16.light, base16.monokai, base16.monokai.dark, base16.monokai.light, base16.solarized, base16.solarized.dark, base16.solarized.light, bw, colorful, github, gruvbox, gruvbox.dark, gruvbox.light, igorpro, molokai, monokai, monokai.sublime, pastie, thankful_eyes, tulip

you can get the CSS of any of those themes by adding for instance:

rougify style base16.monokai.dark > assets/CSS/syntax.css

That will generate a CSS file where you prompted it.

You can get a preview of the themes on the Rouge Theme Preview Page.

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