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April 15th, 2019 less than 1 minute read

Time for a blog makeover. The new styling is (almost) done thanks to TACHYONS. Added functionalities include a search form, Gumroad integration, PhotoSwipe gallery implementation and comics collections. Among the changes, the menu has a logo, and there are a few more fixes just waiting to happen. The pagination now uses jekyll-paginate-v2. The comment section is also reset, using the Staticman app.

Also added a little plugin to work with Jekyll Picture Tag for responsive images.

So instead of having to write all images in Liquid, I can keep a simple markdown image syntax like this:

and don’t even have to write the /images/ path each time. All the pictures will be processed by the Jekyll Picture Tag plugin, each linking to the original image.

The blog’s theme as well as the previous one will both be released on GitHub as soon as the documentation is ready.

Once the documentation is ready the blog theme’s VS Y2K19 will be released on GitHub: Shizukana Jekyll theme on GitHub;

This blog’s previous theme, Silent Mistakes, a modified version of minimal-mistake, a Jekyll theme by Michael Rose, is released under the MIT License (MIT).

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