Why is it so hard to find A Good Web Host?

April 23rd, 2015 1 minute read

Web Hosting nightmares…

Finding a good web host is hard. Web hosting, and “shared” hosting—a bad enough name—in particular, can turn into a nightmare.

Web hosting customers are nomads. If your host hasn’t been ruined yet, just wait. —MARCO ARMENT

So true. Hence many hosts provide migration for free. When you move to a new web host, it often starts well. But in a changing environment, promises are rarely kept for long. Sometimes, all goes well until your web host must wind-down the service. When that happen, you have to look for yet another web host…

Managed WordPress Hosting

“Managed” WordPress hosting usually comes at a (much) higher price. But it takes care of WordPress pain points: performance, maintenance, security and upgrades. If all goes well. In reality there are many hosts providing with this service, and just about as many horror stories for each.

Web hosts reviews

Most are just disguised advertisements. Even if you trust the reviewer. Even if their experience with the hosts is long enough to write a fair review: your mileage may vary. Speed is often one of the main criteria, but there are many others: your level of tech-savvy versus the host’s level of bullshit would be one. How much time are you willing to dedicate configuring your “own” server, versus convenience? How much expertise can the support team offer? How real is that expertise? You get what you pay for is a general rule that doesn’t always apply to hosting. There is no guarantee that what is perfect today will stay tomorrow. Chances are that either your web host will “ruin” it or that your needs will change. Whatever happens, the best solution is one that doesn’t lock you in and lets you change fast if things go south. Some companies have notorious retention policies. Many still use dated or failed technology but that doesn’t prevent them charging premium prices. Beware of web hosts growing too fast for they are all the rage one day and can’t keep up with standards the next. Beware of companies spending more on marketing than on delivering business solutions and support. In short, there is no easy way to pick the best host for your situation. Not until you have tried out at least a few hosting companies for yourself.

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